My main current research project is entitled “Oligarchic Participation in Democratic Politics.” In the context of this project, I am working on:

  • a draft article (based on participant interviews) regarding the role of US political consultants in facilitating the entry of outsiders into European party systems;
  • a conceptual piece on the interpretation of contemporary European populism as a drive to deprofessionalize politics, and the dilemmas such a project entails;
  • a formal model of plutocratic entry into the political arena, conceived as a cost-benefit analysis between engaging in politics directly or influencing policy outcomes through lobbying.

I also have a few side projects:

  • a short book manuscript on the politics of internet surveillance, between strategic interaction and trust in the public sphere;
  • a longer book manuscript (with Gianfranco Baldini) on Italy ca. 1913-1923 as a case study of democratization failure;
  • a draft article interpreting contemporary changes in domestic and international politics as a process of gradual convergence in the grounds of legitimacy in the two spheres.

Research on politics