My main current research project is entitled “Oligarchic Participation in Democratic Politics.” In the context of this project, I am working on:

  • a review article for the Journal of Comparative Politics on the latest advances in the study of the extremely wealthy in post-crisis polities;
  • a draft article on what the phenomenon of astroturfing can tell us about the changing relative financial and reputational costs of different ways of influencing the policy process that special interests face today;
  • a formal model of plutocratic entry into the political arena, conceived as a cost-benefit analysis between engaging in politics directly or influencing policy outcomes through lobbying.

I also have a few side projects:

  • a short book manuscript on the politics of internet surveillance, between strategic interaction and trust in the public sphere;
  • a draft article interpreting contemporary changes in domestic and international politics as a process of gradual convergence in the grounds of legitimacy in the two spheres.

Research on politics