I am a native speaker of English and Italian, fluent in French, and functional in Spanish. I have some reading knowledge of German. I was taught Latin and Ancient Greek for several years in grade school. I am (slowly) attempting to pick up हिन्दी.

My very first exposure back in the day was in BASIC and POP-11. More recently, I have gained a bit of experience working with Python, Ruby, R, MATLAB, LaTeX, and ML.

I live in Tuscany and also in California. I love sailing and horseback riding, but don’t get to do enough of either. I enjoy chess problems because of three aspects that set them apart from real life: no opponent, no time limit, and the guarantee of one, and only one, right answer.

I try to keep my social media footprint small, but if you want to get in touch with me I’m not that hard to find.

Research on politics