In terms of ideas, it would fair to say I am more of a fox than a hedgehog. Over the years, I have delved into an eclectic mix of topics in social and political research. To give some ex-post coherence to my work so far, my interests can be seen to fall into three broad issue areas.

The first has to do with the formation of collective preferences: specifically, I am interested in how legitimacy works, and in the role phenomena such as charismatic communities and ideologies such as nationalism play in the construction of political consent.

The second issue area concerns power techniques for the governance of populations, with a particular emphasis on territoriality, technology policy, and surveillance.

The third pertains to contemporary dynamics of violence, in terms both of the changing nature of war and of domestic regime fragility.

I have also written on the history of political thought (especially of the late 19th and early 20th centuries), with a focus on processes of transition to modernity such as nation-building, mass political representation, and revolutionary change.

This is the list of my past and present academic affiliations.

Here is a description of my previous research project (2016-19), Oligarchic Participation in Democratic Politics.

This is a list of all my academic conference appearances of the 21st century.

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