I edited the first-ever English-language anthology of the political works of Ernest Renan for Columbia University Press. The selection includes several key texts previously unavailable to the English-speaking public. I am responsible for the translation, the annotations, and the critical introduction.

The anthology contains the following:

  1. On Clerical Liberalism (Du Libéralisme clérical, 1848)
  2. Mr. de Sacy and the Liberal Tradition (M. de Sacy et l’école libérale, 1858)
  3. The Philosophy of Contemporary History (Philosophie de l’histoire contemporaine, 1859)
  4. The Role of the Family and of the State in Education (La Part de la famille et de l’État dans l’Éducation, 1869)
  5. Constitutional Monarchy in France (La Monarchie constitutionnelle en France, 1869)
  6. The War between France and Germany (La Guerre entre la France et l’Allemagne, 1870)
  7. Two Letters to Mr. Strauss (Lettre & Nouvelle lettre à M. Strauss, 1870-1871)
  8. Intellectual and Moral Reform of France (La Réforme intellectuelle et morale de la France, 1871)
  9. What is a Nation? (Qu’est-ce qu’une nation?, 1882)
  10. Islam and Science (L’Islamisme et la science, 1883)
  11. Original Unity and Gradual Separation of Judaism and Christianity (Identité originelle et séparation graduelle du judaïsme et du christianisme, 1883)

A good, in-depth review by Stefan Collini has appeared in the London Review of Books (firewalled).

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